Walkerville’s Alley Cleanup is this Saturday!

29 May

Just a reminder that this Saturday, May 31st, is the day to head out back and pick some weeds, bash some trash and beautify our most under-appreciated shared space – our alleys!

Join the board members of the Olde Walkerville Residents Association’s at 1pm at one of the locations noted in the pictures below… if your alley isn’t designated, let us know by emailing info@oldewalkervillera.com and we’ll swing by before 1pm and drop off some gloves and garbage bags.

At 3pm, all the groups will head over to the Walkerville Brewery for a BBQ and a well-deserved, ice-cold pint! Don’t forget… the first round of beer is on us for the alley with the most participants!


Meetup place #1 – Devonshire and Tuscarora


Meetup place #2 – Chilver and Ontario


Meetup place #3 – Wyandotte and Gladstone


Meetup place #4 – Cataraqui and Monmouth



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